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Stamp Duty in Trinidad and Tobago: 5 Benificial Things You Should Know

Everyone dream of buying a house of their own and almost all of us work tirelessly to have one. It is overwhelmed feeling when you buy or sell a residential property but must be focused on the legal actions in Stamp duty in Trinidad and Tobago that is required to convey the property between the stakeholders. The selling and buying of property can be a tricky deal as it involves various...

Rent to Own Homes in Trinidad: 5 Reasons Not to Buy!

Many people are searching for Rent to own homes in Trinidad and Tobago because they believe this arrangement will save money by only paying Rent, and the house would be yours at the end of the stipulated time. While this may be true to a certain extent, there are some significant factors that you need to be aware of before you make this type of arrangement: Reason #1: Availability of Rent to own...

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Need Emergency Home Repairs? 6 Steps to accessing a Home improvement Grant

  The purpose of this grant is to provide low-income households with the necessary funding to undertake essential repairs and upgrades, which will enhance their living conditions. The Ministry will provide a non-refundable grant of $15,000 to successful applicants. Am I Eligible for this grant?  Applicants must be resident citizens of Trinidad and Tobago The total household income must not...

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