Homes For Sale in Trinidad Under 1 Million


Is it possible to buy a house under a million Dollars in Trinidad and Tobago? 

Can potential buyers find houses for sale in Trinidad for under a million dollars or less? The short answer is yes, but they are rare and not nearly enough to supply the 120,000 people with homes in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Houses for Sale in Trinidad that are under a million are usually old houses or Fixer-Uppers. These homes are usually in remote parts of the country or incomplete houses that you would have to spend additional money on making it liveable. A quick search reveals that properties that match this description can be found here

Alternative to buying a house for a Million dollars or less

If you do not like these options, then what can you do? Build it! There are several contractors in Trinidad that can build a pre-engineered house for under a million dollars. You can quickly build a three-bedroom home for around TTD 500,000. The key to staying within your budget is finding a suitable lot of land for TTD 450,00-500,000. 

Homes For Sale in Trinidad Under 1 Million: Cost of Land

If you are looking for homes for sale in Trinidad under 1 Million, one of the major components you have to factor in is the cost of the land.  For the land to be suitable, it must have Final approvals from Town and country. Your bank or your financial institution of choice can give you further guidelines on this, as the only land with these approvals would be approved for a mortgage.  The initial step is getting your plot of land, which, for the most part, is 5000 sq. Ft. Lately, as indicated by the area and geology, the cost can go between $75-$120 per square foot. To estimate that into figures, it will be: 

5000 sq. Ft. x $75 = $ 375,000.00 (Lower end)

5000 sq. Ft. x $120= $ 600,000.00 (Higher end) 

Notwithstanding the standard expense of the land, you should likewise mull over all related costs, for example, Real Estate Broker charges, Legal charges, Valuation reports, Insurances, and Handling expenses. You ought to provide food 15%-20% of the price tag for these overhead expenses. 

$375,000 x 20% = $75,000.00 

$375,000 + $75,000 = $ 450,000.00

Homes For Sale in Trinidad Under 1 Million: Architectural Drawings

Compositional / Architectural drawings are one of the most significant parts of the structure of your home. These drawings are the manual for your builder to ensure you get the home you want. 

According to Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects (TTIA), “Draftsmen’s expenses can be founded on a level of the complete development cost or time used, or can be a singular amount.” Architects’ standard charges are typically 6%-8% of your development cost. 

An engineer can figure our expense per area of your home with costs running from $7.00 – $ 9.00 for private plans and from $ 10.00 – $16.00 for business structures. When looking for homes for sale in Trinidad under 1 Million: condisder the following: 

Utilizing architechtural analysis: 

1400 sq. ft. x $9.00 = $12,600.00 

This expense covers all drawings essential for development, for example, 

  • Building drawings plans 
  • Electrical and Plumbing plans 
  • Basic plans 
  • All prints fundamental for accommodation to the applicable Authorities 

If you require further changes from your architect during the development of the home, an extra charge must be considered.

Finding the Right Contractor 

​The contractor you choose to build your dream home is just as crucial as the finishings you decided. These choices would directly impact the cost of your home. Additionally, there is a range that you can work with, as indicated by the size of your home. 

Please note that the expense of development differs definitely among Trinidad and Tobago. For Trinidad, the costs run from $500 – $600 per sq. Ft. On the other hand, for Tobago, the prices run from $700-$800 per sq. Ft. 

Utilizing our contextual analysis: 

For Trinidad: 1400 sq. ft. x $500 = $700,000.00 

For Tobago: 1400 sq. ft. x $700 = $ 980,000.00 

This expense ought to incorporate all materials, work, and the executives’ costs related to the development of your home. If you don’t mind note anyway that these are assessed cost, and it exclusively relies upon the customers’ preferences and last determinations. You can look at our development number cruncher to think about other development techniques. 

Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the stupendous aggregate: 


Land Cost = $ 450,000.00 $ 450,000.00 

Compositional Designs = $ 12,600.00 $ 12,600.00 

Development Cost = $ 700,000.00 $ 980,000.00 

Assessed Total = $1,162,600.00 $1,442,600.00 

As a standard principle, guidelines consistently commit 10% – 15% as a possible cost. The truth of the development procedure is that there are always unexpected things or amazements that emerge during the process. Our recommendation is to keep a composed mind and be set up, however much as could reasonably be expected monetarily to oblige the flighty. 

 We trust that this article was useful if you intend to build an affordable home in the near future.  As we generally stress, planning is critical!

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