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Stamp Duty in Trinidad and Tobago: 5 Things You Should Know

Everyone dream of buying a house of their own, and almost all of us work tirelessly to have one. It is an overwhelmed emotion when you buy or sell a residential property but must be focused on the legal actions in Trinidad and Tobago, such as stamp duty that is required to convey the property between the stakeholders. The selling and buying of property can be a tricky deal as it involves various...

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Rent to Own Homes in Trinidad: 5 Reasons Not to Buy!

Many people are searching for Rent to own homes in Trinidad and Tobago because they believe this arrangement will save money by only paying Rent, and the house would be yours at the end of the stipulated time. While this may be true to a certain extent, there are some significant factors that you need to be aware of before you make this type of arrangement: Reason #1: Availability of Rent to own homes...

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Need Emergency Home Repairs? 6 Steps to accessing a Home improvement Grant

  The purpose of this grant is to provide low-income households with the necessary funding to undertake essential repairs and upgrades, which will enhance their living conditions. The Ministry will provide a non-refundable grant of $15,000 to successful applicants. Am I Eligible for this grant?  Applicants must be resident citizens of Trinidad and Tobago The total household income must not...

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Join The Most Exclusive Real Estate Group On The Internet!

️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️  Find your Dream Home, Or Advertise Your Property For Free! Join Our FB Group For The Following Benifits: ✅ Latest Listings On Rent To Own Options ( When Available) ✅ Find Great Prices On Apartments For Rent ✅ Connect With Contractors ✅ Latest Deals On Land- Agricultural & Residential ✅ Recent Listings With Town and Country...

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Beautiful Three Bedroom Home for Sale in Cunupia

This beautiful settlement is located just 10 mins away from Chaguans.This beautiful settlement is located just ten mins away from Chaguans. The newest luxurious housing development in Central Trinidad off Welcome Road Cunupia. We offer you a unique destination that allows you to dig deep and plant new roots for our future. The settlement is designed to raise your family and to be able to retreat from...

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Government to provide one thousand Lots for Affordable Housing : A guide to Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme

Good news for people looking for affordable housing!  The government has recently launched a self-help program and will offer subsidized mortgages from the TTMF between 2 to 5 % for persons that would like to develop their own home. In this program, you will get access to a list of approved contractors, technical assistance, and oversite of the construction of your new home. Additionally, to avoid the...

Moving to Trinidad

Moving to Trinidad and Tobago Moving to Trinidad is one of the best ways to move to true paradise where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, a tropical climate, exotic reefs and some of the friendliest people south of California. Expats love moving to Trinidad and Tobago because of these things as well as the abundance of employment opportunities in the area. The homes in Trinidad are typically beautiful...

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Buying Property in Trinidad and Tobago? Here’s what you need to know about the TTMF’s 2% Mortgage Programme

Did you know that if you make 10K or less per month you can still qualify for an interest rate of 2% of up to 850K to buy any property you want? Of course there are special conditions that apply, but with the interest rate that you may be paying from the bank, it’s worth checking it out.Here’s what you need to know:   A regulated mortgage payment arrangement is included. It applies to land...

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Mortgage Refinancing for Real Estate in Trinidad

Mortgage refinancing is referred to as the replacement of the existing mortgage plan with another alternative which does offer different favorable terms. The refinancing can be with the existing bank or prospective homeowners that can have an option to settle with a new lender. Currently, there are many financial institutions offering mortgage refinancing and this practice can be seen as a relatively new...

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A Practical Guide to Buying Property in Trinidad and Tobago

Buying property is probably everyone’s dream but before plunging yourself into the real estate market, you should consider this useful guide: Budget – This is the most important factor to consider before buying any kind of property. Take the time consider how you will afford to pay monthly bearing in mind the fact that most banks generally require 35% of your monthly income. If for example you earn...

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