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5 Steps to Getting out of Debt on Your Way to Home Ownership

Many people that are seeking home ownership may be in deep debt and don't know how they got there. They also don't realize that the more you are in debt, the less you can qualify for when purchasing a home. Coming out of debt could mean qualifying for over a million TTD. Managing your existing debt and eliminating it before applying for a mortgage is crucial. Reducing your debt will ensure you don't...

Property Insurance in Trinidad

Why Property Insurance is Essential When Buying A Home In Trinidad

Congratulations! Property Insurance in Trinidad is essential, especially when you have received confirmation that your mortgage has been approved, and your offer on the house you are interested in buying was accepted. The only thing left to do is get the insurance you need to ensure no mishaps between this time and the time you move into your new home. Property Insurance for homeowners - The insurance...

Government to provide one thousand Lots for Affordable Housing : A guide to Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme

Good news for people looking for affordable housing!  The government has recently launched a self-help program and will offer subsidized mortgages from the TTMF between 2 to 5 % for persons that would like to develop their own home. In this program, you will get access to a list of approved contractors, technical assistance, and oversite of the construction of your new home. Additionally, to avoid the...

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