Apartments for Rent in Trinidad & Tobago

apartments for rent in Trinidad

Apartments for rent in Trinidad

Welcome to Trinidad Real Estate where you can find the perfect apartment for rent in Trinidad and Tobago. Our apartments advertised on this page has been listed by one of our partner real estate agents. We cover a wide variety of property types including apartments for rent in West Trinidad :

  • Studio Apartments

  • One Bedroom 

  • Two Bedroom 

  • Three Bedroom

  • Furnished Apartment

  • Unfurnished Apartment. 

Some of the more densely populated locations are Aranguez, Barataria, Curepe, Tunapuna, Arima, San Fernando, Couva, Chaguanas

Apartment Pricing for Apartments for rent Trinidad

Pricing on Apartments for rent in Trinidad is determined by:

  1. Number of Bedrooms

  2. Proximity To Transport

  3. Size of Apartment

  4. Being Fully Furnished with appliances

  5. Parking 

  6. Inclusive of Utilities

In Trinidad, decent apartments can start from $2500 per month. Higher-end apartments in Port-of-Spain can go for as much as USD 3000 (TTD 21,000). You can find a small one-bedroom in Aranguez for TTD 2500, while you can find a two-bedroom apartment for the same price in the Chin Chin/Cunupia area. One-bedroom apartments in Arima, if near transport can cost as much as TTD 3000.  

Requirements for an Apartment for Rent in Trinidad

If you are going through a Real Estate Agency, they would have some requirements before you could be considered as a potential tenant. These requirements are:

  1. First and Last month’s rent as a deposit ( additional security deposit optional )

  2. Valid Job Letter or Payslip no more than three months old

  3. Valid ID, Government ID, Passport, or Drivers’ license. 

While these are important requirements, Real Estate companies, and even property owners would give preference to tenants with lower occupancy rates, i.e., fewer persons per apartment. Having a lower occupancy rate would, in turn, give you more moderate wear and tear on your property, fewer expenses, and the reason why it is preferred. 

Apartments for rent in Trinidad- Remember to check your lease

Also if you are considering become a long-term tenant, you would also give strong consideration to the lease you are signing and the length of time for your contract. You would want to make sure that you are fully capable of complying with all the terms and conditions of the lease. Not adhering to these terms can cause you to breach your contract, and the landlord would have every right to give you notice to move. 

In conclusion, if you decide to rent an apartment in Trinidad and Tobago, make sure you get value for your money. Consider all the points listed, the time it takes to get to work, closeness to transport, shopping areas, and other utilities. Make sure you are not overpaying for convenience. 


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