Looking For A New Apartment? 7 Top Neighborhoods in Trinidad

Neighborhoods in Trinidad

So you decided that you wanted to move, and now looking for an ideal apartment in a nice neighborhood. This neighborhood will not only be a convenient place to live in, but it would shape your daily life.

With several areas to choose from, each has its own appeal and amenities that can be a crucial step in making sure that you have a comfortable and enriching living experience. In this article we will explore the seven most sought-after areas for renters in Trinidad, offering detailed insights and information that will help you make an informed decision that suites your lifestyle.

Trinidad’s Rental Market in a Nutshell

After the closing down of the Oil Refinery in Trinidad, many of the expats went back home. As a result, we saw a drop in rental prices.

However, Trinidad’s rental market remains a vibrant one, there is always a demand for rental properties driven partly by professionals and students who frequently move within the CARICOM region.

This demand is met by several options that can include modern apartments to quiet suburban homes with amenities like gyms, open spaces, parks, security and nearby shopping areas.

Prices will be based on largely the location, accessibility and the amount of amenities. Urban areas that are close to commercial properties and public transport generally command higher rental prices while more out-of-the-way areas offer more spacious accommodations at lower prices.

Trinbagonians are always on the lookout for neighborhoods that can combine convenience and safety. This combination is what landlords and property developers are trying to emulate in what is being offered on the rental market.

What are the Characteristics of a Nice Neighborhood?

A good neighborhood in Trinidad to live in, is one where there are a mix of facilities, security and a sense of community. People who may be potential renters often prioritize the ease of which they are able to go to work, access schools, major shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment.

Safety will always be a priority with neighborhoods that have neighborhood watch programs, on site security and have amenities like being gated and have well-lit streets. Secondly, the existence of parks, green and open spaces for community gatherings can make a neighborhood more appealing and creating a sense of belonging.

Finally, having residents that take pride in their community by keeping well maintained yards can not only increase curb appeal, but increase the desire to live there as well.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #1 (Not In Any Particular Order) : St. Ann’s

Overview of St. Ann’s

St. Ann’s is one of the more sought-after neighborhoods in Trinidad. This area is known for its blend of residential and commercial properties that is next to historical landmarks such as the Queens Park Savannah ( The worlds biggest round-about) and the Magnificent Seven (Mansions that were built between 1902-1922), adding to it’s cultural importance.

St. Ann’s caters to several different lifestyles. For example, it has quiet residential streets that are close to the nation’s capital. Apartments and Houses in St. Ann’s are usually surrounded by greenery, creating a peaceful environment. The area is also known for its well regarded schools such as Bishops Anstey Junior High School and St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Primary, making it a favorite choice for families.

St. Ann’s also has lots of amenities including shops, eateries and health services with in walking distance, as it strikes a balance between convenience and suburban living.

Why Rent in St. Ann’s?

St. Ann’s is where residential comfort meets accessibility. Professionals who work in Port of Spain has an easy commute, as they may work in the city, but prefer to live somewhere quieter, but still close by. Being able to navigate to work, without spending hours in Traffic is a significant advantage.

Additionally, St. Ann’s has a variety of recreational and entertainment options. Including Green spaces and cultural venues that promote a balanced lifestyle. This neighborhood also has a strong sense of community and often hosts events that bring people together.

In closing if potential renter are looking for a place that feels like home with the convenience of the City life just moments away, then St. Ann’s is an excellent choice.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #2: Woodbrook

Overview of Woodbrook

Woodbrook is generally for people with an active lifestyle. It is one of Trinidad’s most vibrant neighborhoods that would appeal to people who appreciate a blend of cultural experiences and night life. Woodbrook is next to the nation’s capital and is know as the city that does not sleep. Woodbrook charm lies in busy streets filled with bars, food halls , shops and lots of commercial activity.

This neighborhood is famous for hosting the Carnival route. People from all over visit the Woodbrook area because of this. As a result, this neighborhood commands some of the highest rent in the country per square foot. One night during the Carnival season can cost as much as $500 USD per night.

(Short term Rentals) Despite its atmosphere, there are peaceful corners with residential roads offering both houses and apartments. The Residents of Woodbrook benefit from city living including access to public transport and urban amenities while being part of a community that is known globally.

Why Choose to Rent in Woodbrook?

If you are looking to be the center of excitement, then look no further! Woodbrook is the best spot for young professionals looking for the best dining, entertainment and cultural experiences the country has to offer.

Woodbrook central location within the Port-of-Spain area not only ensures easy access to other parts of Trinidad, but also makes it a top choice for anyone commuting. Additionally, Woodbrook residential areas offer a retreat from the city, providing a peaceful living space at times without compromising the Urban lifestyle.

The neighborhood is also well known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where Neighbours often come together for street and cultural events.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #3: Maraval

Maraval is generally known for it’s luxury, picturesque views and next to the Queens Park Savannah. With is beautiful views of the mountains and golf courses enhancing is value, Maraval has exceptional options ranging from exclusive gated communities to single dwelling homes.

That cater to various preferences. Maraval is somewhat similar to St. Anns, in that it benefits from being close to commercial hubs, shopping, dining and entertainment areas.

Depending on where you live in Maraval, you would be about 30 mins away from one of Trinidad’s most popular beaches- Maracas Bay. This Neighborhood is ideal for professionals who work in Port of Spain, and would like a balanced lifestyle between entertainment and recreation.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad: Why Maraval?

Choosing to live in Maraval is a popular choice among those who would like a sophisticated lifestyle in a peaceful location. The appeal of the neighborhood has done much with it’s surroundings and reputation of one of Trinidad’s safest areas (depending on area). Its verdant landscapes and cooler climates offer an escape from the warmer temperature of city life.

For golfers and outdoor enthusiast, Maraval provides access to well-maintained golf courses and parks. Its strategic location allows for quick trips to several beaches or down Port of Spain to work or pleasure. The local shopping and dining establishments are what you would consider upscale that cater to people that demand high quality offerings.

All these amenities, security, and sense of community make Maraval one of the best neighborhoods for both families and professionals seeking peace without compromising the conveniences of city living.

Neighborhood in Trinidad #4: Westmoorings

Neighborhood in Trinidad: Overview of Westmoorings

Westmoorings is a coastal upscale neighborhood that is in high demand by both locals and expatriates. This neighborhood is located on the northwestern coast of Trinidad and has beautiful ocean views and convenient access to the Gulf of Paria. This neighborhood is well known for its streets and luxurious residences that offer secure and serene living.

While residential, Westmoorings is close proximity to Port of Sapin and ensures that all urban amenities are easily accessible within a short drive. The neighborhood is particularly popular among those who have interests in marinas and boating facilities. Additionally, the community features planning and top infrastructure including reliable utilities and well-maintained roads. With this mix of safety, aesthetics and exclusivity, this neighborhood is known as a top choice for tenants seeking comfort and upscale lifestyle.

Reasons to Rent in Westmoorings

Potential renters who would like to have an ocean view and a waterfront living experience would like to live in Westmoorings. Its an enclave that provides a sense of tranquility with quiet streets and kept homes that some may have private yards or pools. This neighborhood is very secure, and makes it an ideal option for families, expats and individuals looking for a get-away.

Westmoorings is a close-knit community with private security patrols, which gives a greater sense of safety and friendliness among its residents. This neighborhood is for anyone that enjoy living near the ocean and having marinas nearby.

Even though the community is focused on living, Westmoorings is ideally located near commercial areas as well, offering residents the best of both worlds. Privacy without isolation. For anyone looking for a quiet living environment that also provides easy access to urban conveniences, Westmoorings offers one of the best options in Trinidad.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #5: Diego Martin

Deigo Martin is another example of combining both urban and suburban features seemliness. Situated within the northern rage, it is located North of Westmoorings and West of Woodbrook. It caters to young professionals and retirees. Diego Martin has several housing choices available including condos, town houses, single dwelling homes, multi dwelling homes and apartments.

Diego Martin has it’s own highway, offering connectivity to Port of Spain and has several supermarkets, fast food and fine dining restaurants, medical facilities. Over the years, there has been much improvements in the infrastructure to the neighborhood that improves traffic flow and accessibility. Diego Martin is an excellent choice for Renters and persons who would like a mix of suburban living and the convince of City life.

Why Choose to Rent in Diego Martin?

Rental prices in Deigo Martin can vary depending on the specific sub-area and the type of amenities offered. The cost of renting is considered moderate compared to more central locations in Port of Spain.

On average, apartments can be rented from 3,000 TTD to 8,000TTD per month for one- or three-bedroom units. Apartments would be higher prices if considered to be modern, well-furnished and or part of a gated community. Houses in the neighborhood can cost anywhere from $6,000 to 15,000 TTD per month. Larger homes with lots of yard space, modern, amenities and in prime locations can cost more.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #6: Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the Capital of Trinidad ad provides a very lively urban setting with busy streets and robust infrastructure. The city embraces a wide mix of cultures and serves as a focal point for entertainment, dining and nightlife.

The city has an array of landmarks, shopping choices ranging from street vendors to upscale boutiques and green spaces such as the Queen Park Savannah.

Potential renters can select from housing options such as high-rise apartments, town houses and renovated colonial structures. The neighborhood benefits from public transportation services that make it easy to move around without the need for a vehicle.

Why Consider Renting in Port of Spain?

This neighborhood is the top choice for persons working inside of the City. If you are renting in Port of Spain, you can expect to pay around $4,000 TTD for a modest one-bedroom apartment to 15,000 or more per month for a luxury one.

If you are looking at a standalone house or town house, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8,000 to $30,000 or more depending on the property size, location and level of luxury.

Neighborhoods in Trinidad #7: San Fernando

Known as the industrial hub, San Fernando is one of the largest cities in Trinidad. It provides more than just business opportunities. This neighborhood is located in the part of the island that boasts a rich cultural history and diverse population.

The areas is known for it’s festivals, including its own brand of Carnival. Its hilly landscape provides beautiful views of the Gulf of Paria from many Properties. The city also offers a range of housing options from small apartments to spacious homes.

Reasons to Consider Renting in San Fernando.

Rental prices in San Fernando consist of $2,500 starting for an apartment ( basic one room) and can be as much as $7500 per month for a bigger space or more bedrooms. Houses can go for around $5000 TTD per month to 12,000 TTD depending on size and location. San Fernando, being a town, still has a slower pace form the hustle of being a capital city.

Selecting the Right Neighborhood

Factors to Consider for Your Ideal Neighborhood

When you are looking for the right neighborhood, you need to consider several key factors.

1. How close do you need to be away from work, school and relatives?

2. What kind of environment you would like to live in? What are your safety considerations?

3. Does it have Groceries, Gyms and shopping areas?

4. Do you get a sense of Community in that neighborhood?

5. Do you have any long term prospects for owning a home?

Trusting Your Choice

Once you have made your choice in considering all the aspects that make a neighborhood appealing, the last step is to be confident in your decision. Take your time to explore the neighborhoods you’re interested in, interact with the locals, and listen to hear if they have any issues which may impact your decision. Once you have made your choice, embrace the opportunities that await in your new neighborhood.

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