Homes for Sale in West Moorings Trinidad

Homes for sale in West Moorings Trinidad

Homes for sale in West Moorings Trinidad

The majority of ex-pats who are interested in Westmoorings Trinidad homes for sale, are specifically looking for houses in North West Trinidad area. This is the more developed part of Trinidad, as all major government services, malls shopping areas, hospitals, and other medical facilities are situated. North West Trinidad real estate is typically the most expensive because of these amenities, and because it is near the beach or has an ocean view. Before deciding where exactly you would like to live, there are some factors that you would want to consider.

Proximity to work Vs. Oceanview

Since there is usually much traffic in and around Port -of-Spain, you should decide if you would like a house near your office, or be willing to fight traffic for a panoramic view of the city. There are houses and villas located in West moorings that have a sea view and close to the International school. If you have children, this may be a determining factor.

Purchasing or Renting?

Homes near to the Falls west mall and Massy Stores can start around 2.8 Million TTD or 410K USD.  For properties that are located in Goodwood Park, up the hill can be of similar value, or around 1.5 Million to 2 million TTD for a townhouse.   If you plan on renting, you may be able to get a house or an apartment for $2500 to $3000 USD. If you plan on renting outside of west moorings in the surrounding areas, you may be able to get properties at a much lower cost.

Alternative Areas to Live Outside West Moorings

If you don’t think that homes for sale in West Moorings Trinidad is right for you, then some of the best places to live outside West moorings are Maraval, Cascade and St Anns. You can find places for rent or houses for sale at slightly lesser prices, and also provide a safe environment to settle down.

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